Jothe Jotheyali 29 September 2021 Written Update: Anu’s enthusiasm for cooking delights Sharada Devi

Sharada Devi is delighted when Anu shows her enthusiasm for cooking and surprises everyone by locating the lost press machine in a matter of few minutes.


September 28, 2021

Jothe Jotheyali

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In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Jalandhar calls and taunts Aryavardhan for failing to capture him. Furthermore, Jhende is infuriated when Jalandhar sends him a threatening message with a video of burning newspaper articles that had Anu and Aryavardhan’s photographs. Meanwhile, Subbu and Pushpa move out of the chawl and bid their neighbours a tearful goodbye.

In the next episode of Jothe Jotheyali, after regaining consciousness Anu enjoys a cup of tea. Aryavardhan laughs when Anu uses the teacup brought from her home and drinks the tea with a loud slurp. Anu teases Aryavardhan about the silence in their room and in response he mimics her. Aryavardhan feels relieved on seeing Anu feeling relaxed and she tries to ease his worries.

Anu asks Aryavardhan about Jalandhar and tries to convince Aryavardhan about how she is not worried about him. Aryavardhan gets uneasy when Anu asks him about the reason behind him spending a lot of time in the locked room. On seeing Anu feel guilty about her question, Aryavardhan hugs her and tries to clarify her doubts, and asks her to give him some time to reveal the whole truth. Later, Aryavardhan feels delighted when Anu picks his attire for the day.

Elsewhere, Pushpa taunts Subbu when he expresses his concern about the money that they are carrying. Subbu gets worried when he receives a call from Anu, who asks him to visit her in-law’s house at the earliest. Pushpa rebukes Subbu when he states that he feels guilty about lying to Anu.

Aryavardhan plans a surprise for Anu when she requests him to return home for lunch. Sharada Devi is delighted when Anu expresses her wish to help Manda in cooking, while Mansi comments on Anu’s enthusiasm. Anu talks about using a press machine to ease Manda’s work, to which Sharada Devi states that they are unable to find the one that they have at their home. Hosmani, Sharada Devi, Mansi, and Manda are surprised when Anu finds the lost press machine.

At the office, Meera is surprised by Aryavardhan’s attire and its colour combination and asks their office boy to bring a new suit so that Aryavardhan can change. She is surprised when Aryavardhan asks her to not do so and reveals that the suit was chosen by Anu. Meera still tries to convince Aryavardhan to change as they have meetings with international delegations, but he refuses to do so. Furthermore, Meera reminds Aryavardhan to take his vitamin supplements and comments on how Anu might not remember the same. Meera faces humiliation when Anu calls Aryavardhan at that moment and reminds him to take his supplements.

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