Jothe Jotheyali 29 July 2021 Written Update: Jhende makes Aryavardhan realise his mistake

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July 29, 2021


Jothe Jotheyali

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In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, based on the theme suggested by Aryavardhan, Meera finalises a wedding venue. The next day, Meera is surprised when Aryavardhan asks her to decide on a design for the ‘mangalsutra’.

In the next episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Subbu asks Ganesh about selling their plot, but the latter asks him to forget that idea and offers financial help. Subbu gets furious with Ganesh’s offer and rebukes everyone for thinking that he is not capable of financing Anu’s wedding. Elsewhere, Anu asks Ramya the reason behind her being upset and laughs when she learns that she is upset about a pimple on her face.

At the office, Jhende teases Aryavardhan by pretending to talk like Anu. Jhende asks him to give his work a break and concentrate on his wedding preparations and gives him the ‘prasad’ from a temple. Jhende also tells him about what his Baba told him about Aryavardhan’s wedding. Aryavardhan controls his laughter and teases Jhende that he will have to dance at his wedding. Hearing this, Jhende breaks into a dance and promises to dance at his wedding too. Meera calls Anu and tells her that she will be visiting her house to discuss and finalise a design for her ‘mangalsutra’.

Veena expresses her irritation when Anu tells her family about Meera’s impending visit. Jhende rebukes Aryavardhan for sending Meera to Anu’s house to finalise the ‘mangalsutra’ design. Veena taunts Pushpa for letting Meera into the house wearing a shoe. Meera shows a few designs to Anu and is surprised when Aryavardhan calls her and asks her to return to the office and to bring Anu along with her. Anu is delighted when Meera tells her about Aryavardhan’s decision about him and her, together, finalising the designs. Later, Pushpa is surprised when Meera asks her. along with Veena and Ganesh, to wait in the office’s lobby as Aryavardhan wishes to meet Anu alone.

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