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Jothe Jotheyali 27 October 2021 Written Update: Anu rejoins the office


October 26, 2021

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Aryavardhan reminds Anu about her duties towards the office and rejoices when she decides to rejoin the office and resume her work as the head of the Rajanandini department.

In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, on learning about an upcoming college visit, Aryavardhan recalls the day when he met Anu at her college. Later, while Anu eagerly waits for Aryavardhan to return home, he falls sick in the office, leaving Meera and Jhende worried.

In the next episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Anu is surprised when Aryavardhan reminds her about her duties towards the office. Mansi teases Anu about her new last name. Sharada Devi reprimands Mansi for her words and states that she is sure that even before marriage Anu would have taken Aryavardhan’s name. Aryavardhan asks Anu if she is okay with taking his last name, to which Sharada Devi reassures him and asks Anu to look after the house along with office duties. Aryavardhan is surprised when Anu ignores him but stops himself from questioning her about the same.

Anu, along with Aryavardhan, leaves for the office and on the way calls Pushpa. She informs Pushpa and Subbu about her rejoining work and seeks their blessings. Pushpa and Subbu get worried about the occultist’s sudden visit. During the car ride, Aryavardhan questions Anu about the reason behind her not talking to him, and her cryptic words leave him confused. Furthermore, he is surprised when Anu suddenly kisses him and expresses her love, and talks about how she misses him. She challenges Aryavardhan to find out on his own the reason behind her anger.

Elsewhere, Pushpa and Subbu are shocked when the occultist reveals that Anu will be facing a lot of challenges in every walk of her life for her rights. Pushpa shares her worries with Subbu who tries to reassure her. At the office, all the employees welcome Anu and Aryavardhan and are surprised on seeing a lipstick mark on Aryavardhan’s cheek. Aryavardhan takes Anu to her cabin and seats her on her chair, while Meera is surprised on seeing the lipstick mark. Later, Aryavardhan asks Meera to look after Anu’s needs in the office.

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