Jothe Jotheyali 26 January 2021 Written Update: Anu learns about Subbu’s wish to get her married to Suriya

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January 25, 2021



3 min


In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Aryavardhan’s strange talks puzzle Anu. While Subbu regains consciousness, Aryavardhan pushes Anu and Suriya to stand together. Later, Sharada Devi and Mansi wonder about Aryavardhan’s strange behaviour.

Watch what will happen next on Jothe Jotheyali:

In the next episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Meera wonders about the reason behind Jhende stopping her from meeting Aryavardhan. She tries to call Aryavardhan but is surprised on seeing his phone with Jhende. Elsewhere, Subbu gets released from the hospital and returns home. Suriya urges him to take care of himself and be careful about his medicines.

Anu rushes after Suirya who returns her kite to her. Suriya questions Anu the reason behind her going to the mandap and her reply leaves him more confused. Elsewhere, Aryavardhan worries about Subbu’s health. He asks Jhende to keep tab on Raghupati so that he doesn’t trouble Subbu. Aryavardhan gets emotional and shares his plight with Jhende. Later, Jhende questions him about how Anu will react to the new changes that are about to come in her life. Meanwhile, Anu cries thinking about Subbu hiding the truth about his health from her and Pushpa. Later, Pushpa urges Anu to talk to Aryavardhan at the earliest.

Subbu wakes up and apologises to Anu for hiding the truth from her. Pushpa is shocked when Subbu asks for a promise from Anu and she stops Anu from giving the promise. Poorna and Pushpa urge Subbu to take rest and look after his health. A worried Pushpa asks Anu to go and talk to Aryavardhan at the earliest. Anu is stunned when Pushpa tells her about Subbu’s wish to get her married to Suriya. Elsewhere, Aryavardhan thinks about the time spent with Anu. Later, Anu calls Aryavardhan and asks him to meet her at the earliest.

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