Jothe Jotheyali 2 September 2021 Written Update: Anu seeks the blessings of the married women

Pushpa tells Anu the significance of ‘Gauri Puja’ after which Anu seeks the blessings of the married women.

In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Subbu gets emotional when Anu, in a bride’s attire, comes in front of him. Overwhelmed by emotions, Ramya talks about how she will miss Anu and the latter then consoles her. Elsewhere, Jhende is delighted at seeing Aryavardhan in the groom’s attire. He apologises to Aryavardhan for having tried to keep him away from Anu in the past. Later, Jhende wishes Aryavardhan luck in his married life.

In the next episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Anu and the other women prepare for Gauri Puja. During the puja, Pushpa tells Anu about the importance of Gauri Puja and the significance the puja holds for a married woman. At that moment, Rajani and Veena tease Anu and tell her to soon give Pushpa grandchildren to play with. Anu pinches Ramya when she too teases Anu about the same. When Veena comments about the grandeur of the puja, Pushpa talks about how Anu is lucky, which causes Anu to have a flash of some strange memories. Anu then consoles an emotional Pushpa.

According to the customs, Anu prays to the stone grinder and later grinds a few grains in the same. The other women soon join and complete this ritual. Furthermore, Anu gives gifts to the married women and seeks their blessings for her married life. Pushpa gets emotional when Anu seeks her blessings. After the puja, Ramya takes Anu to freshen up and get ready for her wedding. Anu is elated when she hears the music which heralds the arrival of the groom.

Anu tells Ramya her wish to see Aryavardhan’s arrival and states how no one will allow her to do so. Sampath arrives there and states a plan to help her. Accordingly, they go to their room’s balcony and watch Aryavardhan’s arrival through a binocular. Aryavardhan, arrives at the wedding venue, with grandeur. When he reaches the venue, Subbu, Pushpa, Veena, and Ganesh welcome him as per traditions. Subbu holds Aryavardhan’s hand and leads him to the wedding dais where the preparation for ‘Var Puja’ is done.

Subbu talks about how marriage, along with creating new relationships, also changes old relationships. Mansi comments about how Subbu’s talks are too filmy but Harshavardhan pays no heed to her words as he is busy wondering about the elephant that he had imported. Furthermore, Aryavardhan’s ‘Kashi Yatra’ ritual begins, wherein as per customs, Aryavardhan refuses to get married, while everyone tries to stop him from leaving for Kashi. Aryavardhan objects saying how Subbu and Pushpa are not stopping him. Everyone laughs when Subbu and Pushpa refuse to stop him, which confuses Aryavardhan. Everyone teases Aryavardhan when he urges Subbu and Pushpa to stop him. Later, he comes running back when they address him as their son-in-law and ask him to return.

Mansi teases Pushpa when she feels shy when Aryavardhan asks her to address him as her son-in-law. Sharada Devi tries to reason with Aryavardhan when he objects to Pushpa and Subbu washing his feet as per the rituals. He reluctantly agrees but asks them to not touch his feet but just pour water on his feet to wash them. Later, the ‘Kashi Yatra’ ritual is completed with everyone’s blessings.

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