Jothe Jotheyali 16 September 2021 Written Update: Pushpa rebukes Subbu for his strange behaviour

Pushpa rebukes Subbu when he remains adamant about visiting Anu at her in-law’s house and bringing her home to spend time with her. Watch this episode on ZEE5.


September 15, 2021

Jothe Jotheyali

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In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Anu’s new look mesmerises everyone but makes Aryavardhan uncomfortable. Aryavardhan avoids answering Anu’s questions about the reason for him avoiding her. Mansi overhears their conversation and indirectly taunts Aryavardhan about his secrets. Later, Anu gets upset when Aryavardhan spends time locked in the secret room rather than with her.

In the next episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Aryavardhan comes to his room and finds Anu already asleep. He wishes a sleeping Anu a happy married life and gives her a good night kiss. Furthermore, he notices the gift box discarded by Anu. He inspects the box and is shocked when he finds champak flowers in them which brings forth few old memories for him. On further inspection, he finds a note hidden beneath the flowers with a warning, which Anu missed. A furious Aryavardhan tears off the note and throws it away.

Elsewhere, Veena and Ganesh prepare to return to their house. Pushpa indirectly reprimands Subbu for asking them to leave, which results in an argument between Pushpa and Subbu. Furthermore, Subbu tells his reason behind asking Ganesh to leave, so that his business doesn’t get hampered. After Ganesh and Veena leave, Subbu asks Pushpa if they can go and visit Anu at her in-law’s house. Subbu’s strange words on not having enough time and bringing Anu home to spend time with her leave Pushpa confused.

The next day, Anu wakes up and calls out to Pushpa and then recalls that she is no longer in her parent’s house. She reprimands Aryavardhan for not waking her up early so that she could prepare breakfast. Aryavardhan reassures her and states that they have maids to prepare breakfast and asks Anu to relax. Aryavardhan is surprised when Anu apologises for the previous day, which makes him recall his behaviour. Aryavardhan then teases Anu by calling Subbu the villain of their love story. When Anu gets upset Aryavardhan tries to cheer her up but gets interrupted by Hosmani.

Anu looks at the bracelet on Aryavardhan’s hand and talks about how it is special for them. He is then surprised when Anu removes the bracelet for safekeeping. Anu is elated when Aryavardhan addresses her as his wife but then blushes when he asks for a kiss from her.

At the breakfast table, everyone eagerly waits for Anu and Ayavardhan. When Anu insists on serving breakfast, Mansi reprimands her and states the house rules that the maids will be serving the food, and asks her to sit down to eat. Aryavardhan praises Mansi for being stern with Anu. Harshavardhan states how from now onwards Anu will be the one sitting beside Aryavardhan which makes Anu blush while Aryavardhan is unable to control his laughter. When Aryavardhan talks about going to the office, Anu refuses to join him, leaving him surprised. Sharada Devi tells Aryavardhan to let Anu stay home for a few days and asks him to take a break if possible. Aryavardhan teases Anu about how she is looking forward to entering the kitchen and start cooking. He tells her that she doesn’t have to change herself after marriage. Later, Aryavardhan recalls how Anu used to bid him farewell from her house terrace while she was in her parent’s house.

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