Jothe Jotheyali 15 January 2021 Written Update: Aryavardhan’s plan to tell Subbu about his love for Anu

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January 19, 2021



2 min


In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Meera grows curious when she comes across an old suitcase with Rajnandini’s tags. Pushpa gets worried when she understands that Subbu is trying to fix Anu and Suriya’s alliance. Later, Aryavardhan and Suriya meet for a panel meeting.

Watch what will happen next on Jothe Jotheyali:

In the next episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Subbu praises the invite sent by the Vardhan company to invite him and his family for the Sankranthi festival celebration. Sharada Devi wishes her family members on the occasion of Sankranthi. Subbu gets upset when Anu forgets the discussion he had with her. Furthermore, he thinks about asking Anu her views about Suriya. Elsewhere, Raghupati calls Janardhan and questions him about Subbu.

Raghupati decides to return to the chawl to create problems for Subbu. Anuradha is elated when Suriya agrees to marry Anu. When Aryavardhan talks about Suriya, Jhende teases him. Pushpa tells Poorna about Subbu’s desire to get Anu married to Suriya. Furthermore, Poorna tells Pushpa about her conversation with Aryavardhan and how he convinced her to move to Pushpa’s house. Pushpa gets quiet when Poorna asks her how she plans on convincing Subbu to let Anu marry Aryavardhan.

Anu teases Aryavardhan when he gets angry. Aryavardhan tells Anu his plan to tell Subbu about their relationship. Later, he promises to tell everyone about their relationship.

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