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Jothe Jotheyali 14 March 2023 Written Update: Bhavana mistakes Aryavardhan for Vishwas

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March 23, 2023

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Aradhana’s sister, Bhavana visits the Vardhan company and embraces Aryavardhan as she mistakes him for him Aradhana’s husband Vishwas, leaving him uneasy.

In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Aradhana gets annoyed as Aryavardhan seeks her help to wrap up their meeting at the earliest so that he can meet Anu. The news about her sister’s visit delights Aradhana,

In the next episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Aradhana tells Aryavardhan about her bond with Bhavana. At the chawl, Sharada Devi praises Pushpa for her hospitality. As informed by Anu, Sharada Devi, and Harshavardhan praise the juice prepared by Pushpa. Harshavardhan praises the renovations done at the chawl and he goes speechless when Anu and Pushpa ask her about Mansi. Harshavardhan calls Mansi and gives it to Pushpa. Mansi mildly taunts Pushpa but assures her that she will surely visit her house.

On sensing Mansi’s harsh words, Sharada Devi apologises to Pushpa. When Pushpa praises Sharada Devi for being comfortable in the chawl, the latter talks about how happiness is what she seeks. Subbu feels upset when Sharada Devi asks him if he has fulfilled his motive to keep Anu happy. A guilt-ridden Subbu apologises to Sharada Devi for hurting her with his hasty decisions. Pushpa then voices her excitement about her grandchild. Furthermore, Sharada Devi asks Subbu to happily send Anu with her and promises to always keep Anu happy.

Mansi voices her annoyance about Anu in front of her friend and the friend incites Mansi to not lose her status in front of Anu and to fight for her rights. Furthermore, Mansi decides to test her value in her family. At the office, Bhavana’s arrival delights Aradhana. Bhavana embraces Aryavardhan, assuming him to be Vishwas. Furthermore, Bhavana bombards Aradhana with questions related to the company’s merger and Aradhana grows uneasy as she continues to address Aryavardhan as Vishwas. Later, Bhavana grows confused when Aradhana asks her to address Aryavardhan by his correct name. Aradhana is shocked when Bhavana reveals that their mother too has accompanied her for the visit.

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