Jothe Jotheyali 11 June 2020 Written Update: Anu And Arya Sort Out Their Misunderstandings

Anu and Arya try to clear out all the confusion that took place between them the previous day.


June 11, 2020

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In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Arya asks Anu if she had come by his house the previous night as he feels like he saw her. To this, she tells him that she does not even know his address and there is no chance she could have come to his house. Arya confirms with her again to which Anu asks him if he thinks she is lying.

In this episode, Sharada Devi and Arya have a conversation about the fact he gave all the responsibility to Harsha. She tells him that he is not responsible enough to run the operations of the company and that Arya must go back to the office. Arya tells her that it is important for Harsha to take up these responsibilities as he is growing older. Arya also gets into a sentimental mood as he speaks to his mother wherein he tells her that he has come to certain realisations about his life that he wants to work upon. And having given so much time to work and office, he wants to take a break from it. Sharada Devi tells him that she will support him in everything that he does as she trusts his decision-making.

Sharada Devi and Arya
Sharada Devi and Arya

Later that evening, Arya comes to Anu’s house and tells her that he has come over to sort out all the confusion they have between them. Arya asks Anu again if she had dropped by at his house to which she says no. She also mentions that Jhende told her that he dropped her back from the office as she was not feeling well but she does not remember that either. Along with this, Anu says that there is no chance she could have come to Arya’s house as she does not know where he stays. Arya shows her the shawl that she had stitched for him and adds that he found it at his doorstep.

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