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Jothe Jotheyali 09 November 2022 Upcoming Story: Jhende plots against Sanju


November 9, 2022

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When Jhende learns about how Sanju found the fraud happening in the company, he starts to plot against the latter before he can uncover more of the hidden secrets.

In the latest episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Meera is surprised when Jhende reveals that Vishwas is dead and the person pretending to be him is an imposter. He then provokes her to take over Aryavardhan’s place in the company as she has contributed more and he believes she would win. Jhende then grows curious about Sanju and wonders how he was able to catch the fraud happening in their company and starts to plot against him.

In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Sanju excitedly decorates Rajanandini Villa on the occasion of Anu’s birthday and early waits for her arrival. Elsewhere, Subbu and Pushpa wish Anu on her birthday and she leaves for Rajanandini Villa. Sharada Devi is surprised at seeing the decorations and wonders how Sanju knows about Anu’s birthday. Mansi wonders about the reason behind Sanju’s excitement. Later, Sanju is elated by Anu’s arrival.

Sanju is left shocked when Anu brings Aradhana home with her and introduces her to the family members. Sanju feels uneasy when Aradhana embraces him and talks about how she missed him. Mansi is surprised when Aradhana reveals that she had successfully repaid Sanju’s debt and that their company is no longer facing losses.

We also saw Priya and Prabhu Desai head to Sharada Devi’s house, so that Priya can reveal the truth about Sanju’s real identity. Aradhana is surprised by the name which Sharada Devi addresses Vishwas with. Later, everyone is surprised when Aradhana tells them about Sanju being allergic to ginger when he is offered a cup of ginger tea.

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