Jothe Jotheyali 07 January 2021 Written Update: Aryavardhan learns about Subbu’s diagnosis

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January 15, 2021



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In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Aryavardhan teases Rajani. Anu is delighted on seeing Pushpa support her relationship. Anu understands Aryavardhan’s plight. Later, Aryavardhan calls Suriya and expresses his gratitude.

Watch what will happen next on Jothe Jotheyali:

In the next episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Anu asks Subbu about the visitor who came to meet him. Subbu’s reaction to a movie name spoken by Ramya upsets Anu. Subbu promises to introduce Suriya to everyone. At the office, Jhende approaches Anu to have a discussion with her. Jhende is surprised on learning that Anu is aware about the old warehouse. Anu asks Jhende about who signed the contract to handover the warehouse to Jalandhar. Meera watches Jhende and Anu’s conversation from afar.

Pushpa mistakes Suriya to be a construction worker. Suriya’s reaction to Subbu going to work surprises Pushpa. Aryavardhan meets Subbu’s doctor, Gowri, and is surprised at learning about Subbu’s diagnosis. Elsewhere, Subbu is surprised when Suriya arrives at his saree shop and asks him to accompany him to the hospital.

Everyone at the office is surprised on seeing Harshavardhan playing with a football. Meera is surprised when Harshavardhan suggests arranging for a football game. Anu is delighted on seeing the football. Harshavardhan is elated when Anu addresses the football with the same name he addresses it with.  On seeing Aryavardhan worried, Anu wonders about what is bothering him. Later, Aryavardhan feels guilty about hiding the truth about Subbu’s health from Anu.

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