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Jothe Jotheyali 01 December 2022 Written Update: Meera’s demand to Jhende


December 9, 2022

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Meera tells Jhende about her plan behind resigning from the job and later she demands him to give her evidence about Aryavardhan’s survival as she keeps talking about reuniting them.

In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Aradhana is delighted when Sanju regains consciousness, however, she gets annoyed when he praises Anu for saving him. Elsewhere, Meera tells Harshavardhan about her decision to resign from her job.

In the next episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Harshavardhan tries to reason with Meera and urges her to not resign from the job. She refuses to reveal her reasons and states that she can only do so in front of Anu and refuses to budge from her decision. Elsewhere, Manda insists on serving more food to Sanju but he declines. Aradhana stops Manda and asks her to not serve him food at random times, as that will ruin his eating schedule. Sanju gets irked when Aradhana asks him to accompany her and Prabhu Desai stops her from doing so.

Aradhana talks to Prabhu Desai if Priya is upset with her as the couple has been behaving strangely with her. He gets nervous when she asks him if he is hiding a secret from her. He praises her for repaying the debt and leaves her confused when he reveals that the person she considers her husband is not the truth and that the person belongs to Anu. Aradhana’s reaction to it surprises Prabhu Desai. She misunderstands his words and assumes that others are trying to separate her and Sanju. A furious Aradhana decides to teach Sharada Devi’s family a lesson as she misunderstands them.

Priya is surprised when Aradhana refuses to head home with her. Furthermore, Aradhana tells everyone about Sanju slowly recalling his old memories. Anu spends time reflecting on the similarities between Sanju and Aryavardhan. At night, Aradhana expresses her delight about her faith being restored in Sanju’s recovery. Mansi expresses her annoyance about Harshavardhan’s workaholic behaviour. She gets annoyed when he returns home and starts calling out to Anu, leaving him irked. Anu and the others are surprised when he informs them about Meera’s decision to resign from the job. Elsewhere, Jhende tries to convince Meera not to resign from her job and find a way to help him return to the office, using Aryavardhan as bait. Jhende is surprised when she reveals the plan behind her decision to resign. Meera asks him to give her proof of Aryavardhan’s arrival.

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