Joe Biden Says He’ll Be A President For All Americans After Electors Confirm Win

President-elect Joe Biden highlights Republicans signing the baseless Texas lawsuit.

Isha Khatu

December 15, 2020

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The US Electoral College has confirmed Joe Biden’s presidential election victory on Monday, December 14. In his speech, Joe Biden said that the US democracy had been tested and threatened but proved to be resilient. The confirmation was one of the final steps for Biden to take office on January 20 2021. Read further to see what the newly elected president had to say about US democracy.

President-elect Joe Biden confirmed his electoral win

Joe Biden won the November election with 306 electoral college votes to Republican Donald Trump’s 232. In the speech during the electoral college speech, Joe Biden said,” The flame of democracy was lit in this nation a long time ago. And we now know nothing, not even a pandemic or an abuse of power, can extinguish that flame.” He spoke about the failures of Donald Trump’s campaign and his allies in state and federal courts and state legislatures. He added, “Thankfully, a unanimous Supreme Court immediately and completely rejected this effort.”

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He mentioned that 126 Republican had actually signed a baseless Texas lawsuit seeking to reject the certified vote counts in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. “This legal maneuver was an effort by elected officials and one group of states to try to get the Supreme Court to wipe out the votes of more than 20 million Americans in other states and to hand the presidency to a candidate who lost the Electoral College, lost the popular vote and lost each and every one of the states whose votes they were trying to reverse. It’s a position so extreme, we’ve never seen it before,” Joe Biden said.

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Joe Biden added that in future he hopes that they do not get to see anyone subjected to the kinds of threats and abuse they saw in this election. He highlighted the fact that more than 81 million votes were casted in favour of him and Vice president Kamala Harris. He mentioned that it was the most in history and 7 million more than Trump and Vice President Mike Pence received. He also laid out the work that will be focused on in his early days of administration which included the coronavirus vaccine and rebuilding the economy that fell due to the pandemic.

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