Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac chemistry woos Twitter

Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac’s chemistry on the red carpet at Venice International Film Festival for the screening of their TV series woo Twitter



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The ongoing 2021 Venice International Film Festival has become a beacon of happy incidences and appearances since it started earlier this month. Among the many gorgeous sightings of actors Helen Mirren and Kristen Stewart, the breeze of fresh air was Jessica Chastain.

The Martian actress has a TV drama miniseries Scenes From A Marriage up for release arrived for the screening of the show on the red carpet at the festival in a shimmery orange flaming off-shoulder dress. Chastain was accompanied by her co-star from the show Oscar Isaac for the premiere of Scenes From A Marriage. Oh boy! The two created havoc on the carpet and for the cameras.

Since the two showed up on the red carpet, their 52-second clip posing for the cameras has gone viral. And fans can’t contain the love they see in that video. The

Isaac and Chastain have been good friends since their Juilliard days which can be one of the reasons their chemistry looks so natural. And it was this comfort with one another that was clearly evident in the images and the clip that has gone viral. In fact, fans on social media have lost all control.

The fans love for Jessica Chastain

“my dream job is to be jessica Chastain,” wrote one user. While another called the duo hot, “jessica chastain and oscar isaac being the hottest duo during venice film festival (2021)”.

Another tweeted along with their picture, “oscar isaac and jessica chastain holding hands is my new brand”. Whereas one Twitter user highlighting their friendship wrote, “OSCAR ISAAC AND JESSICA CHASTAIN CUTEST BESTIES ON THE RED CARPET IT’S TRUE.”

One Twitter user brought the best out of this trending video and praised Isaac, “oscar isaac isn’t in love with jessica chastain (even though i would fully support their relationship if he was). he just knows how to have chemistry with all his co-stars. something that most actors can’t achieve these days.”

The series, Scenes From A Marriage is based on a provocative television series from 1974 written and directed by Swedish auteur Ingmar Bergman.  The series made its debut at the Venice Film Festival.

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