Jessica Biel had to re-learn parenting from scratch for the second time

Jessica Biel was a bit hassled and quite didn’t understand how to do the parenting for the second time



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In September last year, actress and model Jessica Biel surprised her fans with the news of the birth of her second child with her husband Justin Timberlake. Like how the couple kept the pregnancy under wraps from the prying eyes, the couple for the last year has also kept the family away from the limelight. The couple has been focusing on raising their children away from the flashes.

Re-learning the process

But, surprising her fans Jessica Biel in her recent interview on Today with Hoda and Jenna show spilled beans on family matters. The actress in her recent interview spoke about the problems she faced in taking care of and parenting her second child. For starters, Jessica Biel for the second time at parenting was a bit hassled and quite didn’t understand how to do parenting. She spoke about every problem she faced in taking care of her second child Phineas.

Speaking during the interview, Jessica Biel – though already mother to son Silas, born in April 2015- revealed that she was completely blank and was almost like she had to start from scratch all over again. She also didn’t forget to mention that Silas is a good big brother.

The genuine concerns

The concerns of the right food, baby cream, and how and which bathtub would be right hovered over Jessica Biel the second time around. She told the host it felt like she was suffering from amnesia. She further added that she had to re-learn everything from the beginning to take care of her second child.

And now, Jessica Biel is busy changing diapers, running after another kid, and attending zoom calls. However, the actor and model have no complaints and are happy being a family of four.

Well, the secrecy of her pregnancy and the birth of her second child all went by quietly due to COVID, giving the celebrity couple privacy.

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