Jeff Smith: Mutual Withdrawal For India-China And The Disengagement Are An Advantage for India

Find out here, what Jeff Smith’s take is on the disengagement that is currently underway for India and China.

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

February 19, 2021

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After a prolonged stand-off of 9 months between India and China, disengagement is finally on its way for the nations. In an exclusive interview with India Today, Jeff Smith, Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, discussed his take on the matter. Jeff Smith stated that according to him, disengagement could be taken as a good thing and welcome development.

Watch the video of Jeff Smith’s interview about the India-China disengagement here:

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The stand-off between the nations of India and China has pertained for quite a while. Speaking in detail about the matter, he said that it was obviously a rather dangerous situation wherein two militaries have been standing facing each other eyeball-to-eyeball. The dispute behind the stance is over geographical territory and having a high risk of sudden escalation at any given moment such as what the world witnessed in June 2020. He added that like last year, where there was a large amount of loss of life observed due to gruesome violence, such situations can spiral out of control and be prompted by unintended consequences too.

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Going into further details about the withdrawal of Chinese PLA troops from the buffer zone along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), Jeff Smith stated that any such de-escalation of it was certainly a good thing. Jeff said that given how China had occupied an advantage over the Pangong Lake area, any form of mutual withdrawal seems highly beneficial for India right now. Jeff then went onto add that it was one thing to statistically look at the troops present at the Pangong Lake and it was another to visually witness the numerous tanks, artilleries, and massive troop movements when asked about his thoughts upon seeing photos and clips of the huge force that was present at the disputed location.

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