Jeff Bezos To Join Winner Of Online Auction On Blue Origin Spacecraft’s First Human Space Flight

The winner of an online auction will take a ‘sightseeing trip’ on Blue Origin’s New Shephard Spacecraft, along with Jess Bezos and his brother Mark Bezos.

Aboli Vaze

June 10, 2021

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is all set to join the winner of an online auction on Blue Origin’s New Shephard Spacecraft’s first human space flight.  Blue Origin is a spacecraft company founded by Bezos. Earlier, It had opened an online auction wherein anyone could ‘place an opening bid’ for a seat on the aircraft. Now Jeff Bezos, along with his brother, is all set to accompany the winner for a human space flight. Read on.

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Reports claim that the ‘sealed online bidding’  happened during May 5 – May 19. On the other hand, the ‘unsealed online bidding’  was carried out on May 19. The last stage will reportedly be a live auction which will take place on June 12, 2021. The winner of the auction will take a ‘sightseeing trip’ on the spacecraft, along with Jeff Bezos and his brother Mark Bezos. As per the reports, the spacecraft will take its first astronaut crew on July 20

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New Shephard Spacecraft’s first human space flight will be a stepping stone in the commercial space sector. In this sector, Bezos’ biggest competition as of now is Tesla CEO Elon Musk. As per reports, Blue Origin has said that the winning bid amount will be donated to Blue Origin’s foundation. This money will be used for inspiring future generations to pursue careers in STEM and to help invent the future of life in space. For those of you who don’t know, STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The spacecraft has been named New Shephard as a tribute to Alan Shephard. He was the first American to fly to space. Last month, Blue Origin reportedly said that ’15 successful consecutive mission to space and back’ have been conducted. These missions were carried out through a ‘meticulous and incremental’ flight program to check the spacecraft’s ‘multiple redundant safety systems.’

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