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Jeet Ki Zid: From Jaya to Col Chaudhary, Characters Who Were A Backbone To Major Deependra Singh’s Inspiring Journey

Vatsal Thakore

February 3, 2021

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Major Deependra Singh Sengar had some unwavering support in his journey depicted in Jeet Ki Zid. Read here to know about it.

Amit Sadh and Amrita Puri starrer show, Jeet Ki Zid, premiered on ZEE5 on 22 January. Based on a highly inspiring true story of a Kargil hero, Jeet Ki Zid, displays Major Deependra Singh Sengar’s will to never give up. The show also tells us that not all battles are to be fought alone. The Major also received some major support in his journey to walk again. Read on to know more about it.

Amit Sadh in Jeet Ki Zid plays the lead role of Major Deependra Singh Sengar. The Major had had a severe accident while fighting in the Kargil war, which left him unable to walk again. After he was wheelchair-bound, his sadness took over him. He had lost the motivation to feel cheerful. In that moment and till the time he could walk again, he had the undying and unwavering support of his wife, Jaya Sengar.

Amrita Puri plays the role of Jaya Sengar in Jeet Ki Zid. The series shows that even when Major Sengar had lost hopes and given in to his sadness, it was his wife, Jaya Sengar, who refused to give up. When the doctors declared that he would not be able to walk again, Jaya’s decision to spend life with him did not falter even a bit.

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In his days of hopelessness, Jaya gave him the motivation he needed. Jeet Ki Zid shows that Major Sengar loved challenges and hence, to get him back into activity, Jaya challenged him to excel at MBA. She always knew how to get her husband to feel alive again.

In real life, Major Sengar shared that he had always had the biggest support of his wife, Jaya Sengar, in all the stages of life. Before getting engaged, he had told Jaya that he was very dedicated to his military life and that he could be away for months or get gravely injured. To this, Jaya responded that she would support him and his military life and that she wanted to be with him, no matter what.

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Also, in his real-life when he had found out that he wouldn’t walk again, Major Sengar had asked Jaya to consider marrying him. In that situation, Jaya Sengar did not falter and stayed dedicated to the Major and their love. She got him through his sadness and also remained a constant motivation in his quest to walk again.

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In the show, Major Sengar also had a best friend from the army, named Surya Sethi (Aly Goni). Surya was also someone who knew Deep well and was always ready to help him. When Deep was facing his tough days, Jaya called Surya for help. Surya, without any second thought, was there for Deep. Even when Deep shrugged him off, Surya understood the frustration that Deep had and did not let it affect their friendship.

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When Major Deep Sengar hit rock bottom in the show, Jaya turned to the one man who she knew could get Deep back on his feet (quite literally). She turned to Deep’s superior officer and mentor from the army, Colonel Chowdhary (Sushant Singh). Col. Chowdhary knew the best way to make Deep get back up. Deep, in his frustration, even insulted the Colonel but the Colonel did not falter. He got Deep back on track with complete dedication.

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Major Deependra Singh Sengar shared that just like in sports such as cricket and football, it is the team effort that counts in life too. He said that his whole life and all his success have been the result of a team effort. Major Sengar said that his team has been his army unit, his friends, his family, and his wife, Jaya. He said that they have always supported and motivated him and still do. He also added that it was the ultimate support of his wife that, after his accident, kept him inspired and uplifted.

Watch this inspiring journey of Major Sengar in Jeet Ki Zid on ZEE5.

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