Jaya Prada Remembers The Time She Was Stuck Beneath A Moving Train

Jaya Prada had previously mentioned in an interaction, how she had a near-death experience as a child. Have a look at the details on the story here.

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April 6, 2021

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As, Bollywood actor Jaya Prada celebrated her 59th birthday on April 3, 2021, her fans remembered various films that she was a part of recalling her performances. The actor was a famous face in the Bollywood and Telugu film industry in the latter half of 1900. She is currently an active politician from the Bharatiya Janata Party and has not been seen in films since 2018. The much-loved star had previously revealed in an interview that she has gone through a near-death experience as a child and this instance has stayed with her over the years. She revealed that was stuck underneath a train for close to five minutes and only got out alive due to sheer luck.

Here is a look at the ZEE5 video with details related to Jaya Prada’s accident as a child and her stand on it:

In the throwback video attached above, the actor is seen opening up about the time she almost lost her life while playing with her brother. The actor mentioned that she had been stuck under a moving train for around five minutes and was extremely lucky to get out of the situation alive.

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In the video attached above, Jaya Prada has mentioned that when she was a kid, she was once playing with her brother, close to a railway track. The two kids had been having a gala time when her brother decided to go underneath a parked train and emerge from the other side just as an act of daring. Her brother made it out safe and she decided to give it a try herself.

However, when she was just beneath the parked train, the train started to move and she froze in her position in panic, unable to figure a way out. Her brother started calling for help quickly and luckily the train driver heard him and stopped right away. As soon as the train halted, Jaya Prada got out of the tracks and ran out of the scene. She also mentioned in the interaction that she was alive due to God’s grace alone.

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