Jaya Bachchan Birthday: Times The Veteran Star Proved That She Is Fierce And Opinionated

On Jaya Bachchan’s 73rd birthday, here’s taking a look at some instances where the actress proved that she’s an artist with opinions. From parliament to media, here’s how she stunned everyone with her blunt comebacks!

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April 8, 2021




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Jaya Bachchan is one of the most charismatic actresses the Indian film industry has ever witnessed. Right from her debut film Guddi, the veteran star has proved her range as an actress by playing diverse roles. However, the one thing that sets Jaya apart from the other contemporary stars is her real-life bold and fierce nature. Apart from her on-screen elegance, Jaya Bachchan is quite famous for voicing out her true political and social opinions. She also serves as a member of the Parliament representing the Samajwadi Party.

From her blunt replies to journalists to rocking the parliament with epic comebacks, Jaya Bachchan often makes headlines. Albeit, fans love her regal personality and admire her for being an artist with strong opinions. The actress who celebrates her 73rd birthday today (April 9) has been an inspiration to many women in the film industry.

While she has taught everyone to ‘be the change’, today on her 73rd birthday let’s take a look at times when she schooled journalists with her blunt words.

‘Aish’ And Aishwarya Controversy

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Jaya Bachchan’s verbal spat with shutterbugs during Subhash Ghai’s birthday party is still fresh among the netizens. In 2013, at Ghai’s birthday bash, the paps gathered around Jaya and her daughter-in-law and actor Aishwarya Rai to click their pictures. However, many of the camera persons were addressing Aishwarya as ‘Aish’ which made Jaya Bachchan furious.

She lashed out at the photographer saying, “What’s Aish? Is she your classmate?”. While Jaya received massive hatred for her behaviour, her son Abhishek explained that paps were calling Aishwarya as ‘Aish’. He said, “Nobody calls her Aish, her name is Aishwarya”.

The ‘Permission’ Banter

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Another Jaya Bachchan controversy that became the talk of the internet was when the veteran star got angry at a man who clicked her picture without permission. It was during Hiroo Johar’s birthday party when the shutterbugs were waiting near the exit to click the stars present. When Jaya Bachchan left the party, the paps started clicking her pictures.

However, the actress singled out a man who was taking pictures with his mobile. Jaya was captured on camera scolding the man for clicking pictures without permission.

‘The Conspiracy’ To Defame Film Industry

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Jaya Bachchan delivered a remarkable speech in the parliament, talking about the conspiracy to defame Bollywood. For which, the actress was lauded by many Bollywood stars and fans. She boldly hit back at Ravi Kishan and Kangana Ranaut’s statements about the film industry. “People who have made a name in this industry have called it a gutter. I completely disagree and I really disassociate,” she was quoted saying.

‘Not The Spokesperson’ Of The Bachchans

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During a press conference, Jaya Bachchan was questioned about Amitabh Bachchan. Addressing the journalist, the actress told him to attend Mr Bachchan’s press conference to get his answer. Jaya added that she’s not a spokesperson for the rest of her family. She answered, “What is my name? You can ask Bachchan sir about him. His press conference is going on elsewhere, you can go there and ask.”

Unapologetic Political Opinion

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Being a member of parliament, Jaya Bachchan is among the few Bollywood stars who have strong views on the country’s politics. She never misses a chance to criticize the wrong moves of the government. In one such instance, Bachchan took a dig at Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi calling him a ‘chaos maker. “The responsibility of safeguarders is extremely crucial. Right now, the atmosphere in the country… The one who is responsible for protecting the nation is the one creating chaos,” she was quoted saying.

A Lesson On ‘Mannerism’

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After the death of Manish Malhotra’s father, many Bollywood celebrities visited him offering their condolences. The paparazzi too gathered around Malhotra’s residence to click the celebs present there. During this, Jaya Bachchan once again got into a banter with the shutterbugs as she taught them a lesson on mannerism. “You don’t have any manners na? You don’t think about what the situation is. When such an incident (death) will take place in your houses, then I want to see how you react to it,” she lashed out on the reporters.

Calling The Paps Jungli

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During the 2014 elections when the Bachchan family stepped out to cast their votes, a mob of shutterbugs was waiting to click the stars. Seeing the media frenzy, Jaya Bacchan slammed the paps calling them “jungli”. Later, Abhishek Bachchan had to calm her down. She was heard saying, “Why are you behaving like junglis (animals)!”

Well, that was all about Jaya Bachchan’s bold and fierce real-life persona which proves that she’s as real as it gets.

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