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Jatin Sarna Reveals His Idea Of A Perfect Date And Picks His Fave Dark 7 White Co-Star In The Latest Unboxed With ZEE5 Episode

Tanvi Dhote

December 29, 2020

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Jatin Sarna has been garnering praises for his role as ACP Abhimanyu Singh in Dark 7 White. But now, he is revealing a different side of himself in ZEE5’s Unboxed.

ZEE5’s latest Original Dark 7 White has become the talk of the town. In this brand new web series, Jatin Sarna played the role of ACP Abhimanyu Singh who is busy unravelling the mystery around Yudi’s murder. But while ACP Abhimanyu showed several shades of himself in Dark 7 White, Jatin Sarna’s fans are still waiting to know more about him. So in the latest episode of ZEE5’s Unboxed we take a closer look Sarna’s life and his quirks.

1. Are you a morning person or night person?

I am a very morning person. I do not like to spoil my nights until and unless it is a party or something related to my work. But otherwise I am a morning person.

2. Favourite morning song?

I love Sylvester Stallone starrer Rocky’s theme song. One of the reasons why I love this song is because it is my alarm tone. I also love the song Abad Karo Do Ya Barbad Kar Do from the film Ludo and of course Laal Peeli Ankhiyaan from Dark 7 White.

3. Last thing you bought under ₹100?

I love chocolates and candies. So two days back I bought a pack of candies. Those candies bring back many childhood memories. The pack is also worth ₹100.

4. One thing you will never leave your home without?

There are not one but three things. Of course my mobile phone. But the other two things are my wallet and my watch.

5. One bad habit no one knows about you?

I don’t have any habits that people around me are not aware about. But I am a shopaholic. Whenever I visit my friends in Delhi we make a to-do list and visit various places and then I shop. My friends hate this habit. Even my mom has had enough of it. I tend to hide my recently shopped goodies from her and discard the packaging without letting her know.

6. Have you ever used your star status to get away?

Never, never, never. The people around me are so kind. They tend to favour me out of sheer love. But I never take advantage of my star status. I don’t plan to.

7. What is your cheat meal like?

I don’t follow a diet unless and until I have to do it for a role. Otherwise I eat anything. I just had some chole bhature. But the ones in Delhi are much better than what we get in Mumbai.

8. What is your idea of a perfect date?

An idea of a perfect date is where it is just the both of us. Probably in the mountains in a small cottage and has a great night view.

9. Which song will be playing in the background of this perfect date?

It can be any song. Maybe Vaada Raha from the movie Khakee or Kyu Chalti Hai Pawan or Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. Even the song Tum Ho from the movie Rockstar is a great song.

10. In a relationship I will never___

In a relationship I will never force a person to live their life on my terms and vice versa. In a relationship it is always important to accept and not expect. When you accept things in a relationship it becomes easier. I have learnt this from my past relationships.

11. Favourite quote to live by

If you want something you never had you got to do something you’ve never done.

12. If not an actor what would you be

I would love to serve my country and join the army. I even tried but I did not qualify due to my grades. I might’ve also joined my dad’s business.

13. A celebrity you would like to be stuck on an island with

Kiara Advani

14. Describe yourself in three words

I am a rockstar. I am a superstar. I am awesome.

15. One thing 2020 has taught you

Cooking, patience, importance of relationships, self- realisation, and becoming independent.

16. Your New Year Resolution

There is no particular goal. But, I will focus on my work. I want to projects where I am in the lead role.

17. Texting or Talking?


18. Food or Sex?


19. Villain or Hero?


20. One Dark 7 White co-star you would like to work with again?

Kunj who played Kush and Tanya who played Greshma.

21. Your favourite character from Dark 7 white?

Abhimanyu Singh is my favourite. But I would’ve loved to play Yudi’s role.


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