Janmashtami 2020: Krishna’s Birth, Kansa’s Vadh And Other Important Events Shown In Paramavtar Shri Krishna

Krishna’s birth at Mathura and then his transit to Vrindavan, his childhood full of adventures, and all the other significant events of his life are listed in this article!

Ankita Tiwari

August 11, 2020


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He’s the God who brought justice to women (Devaki, Draupadi), showed the path of righteousness (Arjun) and one who lived a full and happy life filled with love and fun. Here are a few of the most important events that occurred in the life of Krishna and that shaped the Hindu Mythology.

In the first episode, we see Krishna’s mother Devaki meet his father Vasudev. They decide to get married against the wishes of Devaki’s brother, a tyrant king of Mathura, Kansa. Devaki’s brother jails both his sister and her beau, the crown prince of Mahishmati. Devaki and Vasudev’s child is the one prophesized to kill Kansa.

The evil Putna and her intentions to kill the children of Gokul are not known by Yashoda and other mothers. But Kanha decides to bring Putna’s truth out in the open.

Uttakach and his will to save Shridhar from the evil king Kansa lands him in the search of Kanha. Kansa’s orders to kill Kanha make Uttakach desperate. Meanwhile, Radha and Krishna’s friend-cum-foe bond becomes stronger day by day!

In this episode, Kanha’s brother Balram has been hypnotized and lured by the evil Gandharva. But Krishna plays his flute and breaks the hypnotic trance of Balram’s mind bringing him back to reality. Kansa punishes and blames Gandharva and Prapti for an unaccomplished task.

In this episode, we see how Bakasur, the evil Rakshasa tries to burn down Gokul. He even kills Latika and Nandini, the Gopis who take care of Kanha. Kanha makes up his mind to end Bakasur’s evil regime.

In this episode, we see the tale of Govardhan. Lord Indra tries to fool the villagers of Gokul by posing as a rishi and fulfilling all their wishes. But Kanha refuses to do so and tells everyone that they must pray to Govardhan parvat that has given them all the blessings for so many years.

Finally, the residents of Vrindavan accept Kanha as a God and start praying to him. Kanha also helps his friend Sudhama by guiding him to a gurukul where he is able to fulfill his parents last wish.

Kanha finally pays a visit to his evil maternal uncle Kansa. He fights with Akrur and shows him the divine form. Kanha also forces Kansa to feed him food morsel by morsel. Kansa is struck with humiliation.

In this episode, Kanha frees Surpanakha from her curse. In the Dwaparyuga, Ram had cursed Surpanakha, Raavan’s sister, to stay as an ugly old witch until someone liberated her from her curse. Kanha spots her and calls her beautiful, thus, liberating her and she returns to her original form.

In this episode, Kanha challenges his maternal uncle Kansa. He puts forth the challenge of an open battle as he has already got rid of Kansa’s metallic bow. On the other hand, men from Vrindavan rush to Mathura for the battle.

In this episode, we witness the much-awaited battle of Krishna and Kansa. They battle with maces and then wrestle each other when Kansa’s mace bends. At the end of this battle, one of them is supposed to die as per the prophecy.

In this episode, Kanha finally puts an end to Kansa and his evil reign. Kanha’s parents Devaki and Vasudev are freed from their shackles and Kanha’s brother Balram destroys all the idols of Kansa to rub off all the imagery of the devil.

In this episode, Kanha performs Kansa’s death rites and later falls asleep to a dream of Yamraj. The god of death warns him that Kansa’s soul is missing and a demon named Koladitya has kidnapped the sages to perform a puja with which Kansa will be reborn as Maha Kansa.

In this episode, Kanha tries to make himself mortal and plans a way to escape Sage Durvasa’s boon of immortality. Kanha also faces the question of the future of his land and the knowledge of Geeta.

In this episode, we see Krishna surrendering himself to death. He is hit by an arrow and breathes his last. He promises his subjects of Dwarka that he would always live in the city as Kanha.

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