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Jamoons Are Chaithra Rao’s Favourite, Try This Quick And Easy Recipe If You Love The Sweet

Parinika Uchil

June 27, 2020

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Desserts are always a great way to cheer up. Time to wear that apron and make this recipe in simple steps with just eight ingredients.

When it comes to sweets, Janaki aka Chaithra Rao from the show Jodi Hakki is always first in line. As you can see, her ecstatic expression when Jamoons are in front of her. I am sure many of you love this sweet too, but are unsure of how to go about making it.

Watch Jaanu getting emotional for her pailwanre in this episode:

Fret not! For we are here to give you a simple but delicious recipe to make this sweet in the confines of your home, whenever you have sweet cravings. Without wasting any more precious time, let’s directly get into the recipe, shall we?

Recipe: Jamoon (Dry) 

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– Khoya (100 gms) – Sugar (200 gms)  – Maida (70 gms) – Baking Powder (¼ tsp) – Baking Soda (a pinch) – Elakki Powder (a pinch)  – Oil (To deep fry) – Water  


  1. In a wide-open pan take the khoya and knead it till smooth and soft. This will help to make the shape easier. 
  2. Add Maida and softly mix, don’t knead.
  3. As per measurement, add the baking powder and baking soda as well. Before mixing, slowly start adding water little by little and kneading the whole mixture to a smooth dough. Remember not to add all the water at once, the consistency will be ruined.
  4. Leave the dough aside for some time and let’s now prepare the sugar syrup. The measurement is like so; for every one cup of sugar, you must add one and a half cup of water. Add sugar and water to another pan and bring to boil. This can take up to 15 mins on low or medium flame.
  5. Add the elakki powder towards the end of the 15 mins and take the sugar syrup pan off the gas. The aim is to let the syrup cool down for a little bit.
  6. Take the kept dough and start making small rectangular balls with round edges, just like how the Jamun fruit or a long grape would look. Once done, deep fry in a pan on medium heat till the colour resembles close to black.
  7. Transfer the Jamoons into the sugar syrup as soon as they are taken off the gas.
  8. Leave it in the fridge for about one hour and voila!  
  9. Serve yourself some well-deserved Jamoons for dessert!

Thanks to Namma cute Jaanu, you now know exactly how to make one of her favourite sweet dishes, and yours too! Also, if her expression changes for Jamoons like this, don’t you think it should be her spirit food? What is yours? Get typing in the comments space below with #Jamoon, #Chaithrarao

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