Jammu and Kashmir: Kathua Youth Balbir Singh Turns Agripreneur In Mushroom Cultivation

A young man in Kathua is cultivating mushrooms to promote agriculture amongst youth in Jammu and Kashmir.

Isha Khatu

November 11, 2020

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Jammu and Kashmir have been motivating the youth to get into agriculture and other activities in the union territories. A youth from Kathua is cultivating mushrooms on a large scale in order to encourage the other young adults to do the same. He is doing this under the guidance of the agriculture department. Take a look at what the agripeneur has to say about it.

Mushroom cultivation in Kathua 

Balbir Singh, a young agripeneur in Kathua has been cultivating mushrooms on a large scale. He is doing this so that youth in Jammu and Kashmir doesn’t go elsewhere to find work and start their own agricultural business in Kathua. The mushrooms are safe and are being grown under the guidance of the Agricultural department of Jammu and Kashmir.

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Balbir Singh said that after his 12th standard he started searching for a job. He mentioned that people talk about how the youth leave their hometown and go to cities to find jobs. He decided he wanted to stay in Kathua and utilize his own farm for a business. Currently, he is cultivating 50 kgs of mushroom on a daily basis. He added that he has been getting a lot of profits from the same. Small farmers take some bags from him too to increase the production.

According to the Kathua farmer, people should invest in small businesses in order to increase the agricultural activities in the area. He said that it is very difficult to set up huge industries worth crores of Rs. He believes that like him, the youth should also invest in such small scale cultivation business which will eventually grow in a year or two. People dreaming of building an entire industry often find it difficult to do so because of less capital.

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Except for winter season, mushrooms are widely cultivated in other suitable environments. The mushrooms are handpicked, cut and washed as they are picked directly from the mud. Mushroom cultivation plays a major role in the government’s plan to double farmers’ income.

Who is an agripreneur?

Agripreneurs are those entrepreneurs who invest in agriculture and cultivate the goods themselves. In this way, they contribute to the social and economic development of their state. It also generates employment opportunities.

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