Jaipur: Man Climbs Mobile Tower After Sister Is Denied Justice

Kaluram wanted justice for his sister who was abandoned by her husband.

Sohil Nikam

September 14, 2020

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The curious case of Kaluram was the talk of the town today in Jaipur’s Pratapnagar area. After having been denied justice for his sister, he climbed up a mobile tower and demanded that the authorities look into his problems. Kaluram’s sister, Kamladevi was abandoned by her husband, a police officer, and is now being denied any despite the fact that she has a child to take care of. Neither lawyers nor bureaucrats have been of any help to her, she has claimed.

For hours, Kaluram sat atop the mobile tower and communicated with police officials on the ground by passing notes. They were finally able to convince him to come down after they reached him using a crane. It remains to be seen now whether all of his demands will be met or not, but what’s certain is that Kaluram managed to give quite a scare to Pratapnagar authorities with his stunt today.

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