Jaggesh’s Melkote Manja Wouldn’t Have Been A Success Without These 5 Supporting Actors

Parinika Uchil

August 13, 2019


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1. Melkote Linga 

Source: ZEE5

Navrasa Nayaka Jaggesh is back with his comedy-drama movie marathon, with yet another hit film Melkote Manja. Shot in the small town of Melkote in Karnataka, Jaggesh has done justice to his role as the lead actor, director and writer of the movie.

Talking about the supporting actors in the film, the first and foremost worthy mention is the character of Melkote Linga, played by Rangayana Raghu. His expressions, way of enacting the dialogues are truly worth the watch. He plays the role of a money lender who gets conned by Manja for a big amount of money.

To see how Manja conns him, watch the movie here:

2. Bank Manager 

Bank Janardhan As Bank Manager In Melkote Manja

All the actors in the movie have done complete justice to their roles, including Bank Janardhan, who plays the bank manager’s character. Although his time in the movie was short, his role and prominence in the film were amazing. His secretary Diana too, adds to his character and brings that hysterical aspect in his scenes with Manja.

3. Bhairava 

Bhairava From Melkote Manja

A very strong negative character that would probably scare anyone is Bhairava, played by Jeevan. While watching him it doesn’t feel like he is trying to act at all, in fact, his acting feels quite genuine. To feel his terror you must watch Melkote Manja at least once.

Manja’s father 

Srinivas Prabhu In A Still From Melkote Manja

Manja and his father share a unique bond until the end. The character is played by the veteran Srinivas Prabhu, who stands as a pillar of strength to Manja when he is in a really low place in his life. Fathers are truly the backbone of our lives, is it not?

5. Manja’s mother 

Chandrakala Mohan As Manja's Mother In Melkote Manja

The evergreen actress of yester-years, Chandrakala, has done a brilliant job playing the role of Manja’s mother. Just like how mothers should be, she is very concerned about her son’s wellbeing. Acting wise, we have absolutely no complaints with her as she did a fabulous job.

While leads are important in a film, never ever forget to give credit to all those who supported them in making the film a success.

Who was your favourite supporting actor in the film? Do you think we missed out any other supporting actor? Keep us informed in the space below.

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