Jaago: We tell you why Prakash Raj as Kasi has a profound character arc!

Jaago’s Kasi played by Prakash Raj has a character arc that will leave you thinking of it for days, and here’s why.

Bhavna Gandikota

April 25, 2021


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Jaago starring NayantharaSivakarthikeyan, and Fahadh Faasil will leave you thinking about the story long after you’ve watched the movie. One of the characters that stay with you is that of Kasi, played by Prakash Raj. Kasi is first introduced to us as the hitman who is dreaded in the colony. As Gyanu meets with him seeking permission to start a community radio, we know that he is feared by all. However, all of this changed with time.

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The film’s first conflict was Kasi because it was him that Gyanu was looking to fight against. Kasi represented the helplessness that the lower class had to fight against. At that point, Gyanu felt like Kasi was the anchor holding his ship down. Ironically, Kasi happened to open his eyes and show him that there were heavier anchors like FMCG brands that caused him more harm. Gyanu thought that Kasi was his biggest problem, but also learnt through Kasi about the actual problem.

Prakash Raj as Kasi in Jaago
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In the first half, we see Kasi as an invincible figure, who cannot be touched or messed with. We were all convinced that he could have no redemption until Gyanu confronted him. When Kasi was almost breathing his last, he was also the most vulnerable. He was as helpless as other people in the colony, which opened his eyes.

Prakash Raj as Kasi in Jaago (2)
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When Kasi was on his death bed, he had an internal conflict that he seemed to have dealt with. He never turned around upside-down but he showed progress as a human, and this is proven by the fact that he did not hold any grudges against Gyanu for assassinating his character when he was injured. He let it go because he looked at the bigger picture.

Finally, the last scene we saw him in was completely opposite to the scene we saw him in first. He was ridiculing Gyanu for wanting to start a community radio, in the beginning, but in the last scene, he was elated when he found out that Gyanu’s plan was a success. He was happy for other’s success and redeemed himself as a person.

Prakash Raj as Kasi in Jaago (3)
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