It’s All About The Little Things In Life And Maza Hoshil Na’s Aditya Proves It

Aditya from Maza Hoshil Na is someone we all look up to for enjoying the little things while living a worthwhile life.

Kedar Koli

October 22, 2020


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We often think that in order to live a wholesome life, things need to be grand in scale. But we overlook the fact that these major events bring us temporary satisfaction. What really brings us extreme happiness and fulfilment are always the little things in life. These can be simple events like daily hassles, a self-care session or a get-together with long lost friends. Maza Hoshil Na‘s Aditya (Virajas Kulkarni) is someone who lives by this philosophy! His hustle to work, dedicated family time, and other small things make us look up to him as a source of inspiration and encourage us to make life worth living.

Watch the episode where Aditya visits an orphanage with Sai.

1. Celebrating small successes

Instead of celebrating the greater achievements, why can’t we start appreciating the smaller but significant successes? Doing so will work wonders by boosting our morale in the long run. When Aditya received his first paycheck, his uncles made it a point to celebrate the occasion. Although Aditya owns a company worth millions, he became financially independent the day he was handed the salary.

2. Expressing gratitude

We often forget to express gratitude towards people who matter to us the most. A simple gesture is enough to make someone’s day and Aditya did just that when he got his salary. He purchased gifts for everyone in his family according to their needs. Aditya also didn’t forget to get a present for his dream girl Sai (Gautami Deshpande) and gifted her special ratrani earrings.

3. Showering love 

Aditya believes in living his life to the fullest, even when it comes to love. He can pick up a fight to save Sai and help her during times of crisis. Aditya showers love on Sai and thinks of her as his prospective partner, and can do whatever it takes to be with her. Ask yourself, how many times have you done that for the love of your life?

4. Showing empathy towards others

There’s unsurmountable joy in helping others and being empathetic towards them. On his mother’s birthday, Aditya visited an orphanage that his mother was associated with and did things to make the day memorable. He planted a tree, interacted with the kids, cooked food with the help of Sai, and sang songs for everyone.

Source: ZEE5

So, now you know what to do to live a satisfactory life that would help you get a peaceful sleep! Just follow Aditya’s footsteps which would lead you to feel content about your life.

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