It Is A Perfect Package: Producer Shruthi Naidu On Her First Film Venture Premier Padmini

After giving us back to back hits like Yaare Nee Mohini and Mahadevi, here’s what debutant filmmaker Shruti Naidu had to say about Premier Padmini!

Parinika Uchil

September 24, 2019


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Known for her superhit Zee Kannada shows Yaare Nee Mohini and Mahadevi, producer Shruti Naidu Chithra turned film producer with the light-hearted comedy-drama Premier Padmini, now available on your ZEE5 platform. The Navarasa Nayaka-starrer focuses on two love triangles. The first one is between Jaggesh and his co-stars Madhoo Shah and Sudharani.

The other love-triangle can be looked at hypothetically and can be observed between Vinayak (played by Jaggesh), a middle-aged man who is in love with his car, a vintage Premier Padmini and has trouble finding a suitable driver as he is scared to drive it.

Apart from these two storylines, there is also the angle of Vivek Simha, who prominently was known for his role as Soorya in the show Mahadevi.

Bringing together all of this with director Ramesh Indira is producer Shruti Naidu has done complete justice to the film. After its release in theatres earlier this year, Premier Padmini got a lot of appreciation from many industry personnel and was also released outside India.

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Before you watch this film today, we would like to take you through the mastermind behind this success, the established Primetime show maker Shruti Naidu, who disclosed her journey to a leading daily in an interview.

Speaking about how she ventured into films, here’s what the producer had to say. “I’d often hear of films getting stalled or not getting a proper release — it just seemed too much of a risk. But after a while, I wanted to explore new avenues and focus on generating employment in the film industry the same way that one can for the small screen. That was when Ramesh Indira, the creative head of my production house Shruti Naidu Chithra, (and now, director of Premier Padmini) approached me with the story,” Shruti Naidu said.

Further, she added, “The emotions and values it dealt with were refreshing and appealed to me. The story is contemporary and cosmopolitan, and the characters seem so familiar and congenial. In fact, I could identify with Madhoo Shah’s character, Shruti, an independent woman, with a conscience and thought process of her own.”

Another question that she answered got our attention. It was how the producer claimed she has always been encouraged in her endeavours despite being a woman. Shruti said, “I’ve never had any issues. Even with my move to movie production, there was no hindrance as people knew me and were positive about my work, including Jaggesh sir, and that gave me confidence. There have been women producers who have carved a niche for themselves and who one can look up to. The late Parvathamma Rajkumar was one such person for me.”

The Premier Padmini producer spoke next about whether she liked the journey of a film better or a TV show and her answer will win your heart. “I have been making serials for years. Premier Padmini is my first film. We completed shooting for the film in 40 days. But the real work started after that. The post-production process is so tedious. Making serials is like a family affair. We have lots of time for everything. In films, we are on the edge of our seats all the time. From managing dates of actors to deadlines, it is hectic,” Shruti revealed.

In addition to this, the producer said, “In serials, you can get away by making mistakes sometimes. People tend to forgive you. The ratings may drop, but all you have to do is kill someone (character) or give the story a twist to get the ratings back on track. In films, there is no place for a mistake. The first mistake is also your last.”

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