Istanbul Could Run Out Of Water In The Next 45 Days Due To Lack Of Rainfall

Experts believe that Istanbul will run out of water in the next 45 days and the drought has a lot to do with the government’s policies. Have a look at the detailed report here.

Sania Kader

January 16, 2021

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Tukey is amidst a major water crisis and it has been posing a drought threat in various parts of the country. According to various reports, the former capital of Turkey, Istanbul, might run out of water in the next 45 days and the city with a heavy population of 17 million people has already been struggling to make ends meet. The country has faced droughts several times in the past and the current one arises due to lack of rainfall in the region. Experts believe that the lack of attention towards climate change is also a major reason for such a crisis. They have also been calling out the government, led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has only been focusing on the economy of the country, rather than paying attention to the signs of crisis.

Here is a look at the ZEE5 video with details related to the water crisis in Istanbul, Turkey:

Turkey has currently been facing its most severe drought in a decade due to limited rainfall and irresponsible government policies. Some of the reservoirs in the country are sure to run out of water in the next few months. Cities like Istanbul and Ankara have almost exhausted their water resource and are under the threat of facing a drought in the next few days. Water reservoirs, in Istanbul, are at their lowest levels as per data collected in the last fifteen years. Most of the experts and officials have been raising a warning about the situation as there seems to be no proper solution to this water crisis.

Turkey has been facing water crisis for years and no proper measure has been taken to curb the situation. Experts believe that multiple factors are responsible for such a crisis in the country. One of the most critical factors is that the country and its government have been ignoring the obvious water crisis signs that have existed over the years. Climate change and environmental concerns have been completely neglected, leading to unfavourable policies and environment-harming ideas. Various developmental projects have been carried out by clearing agricultural and forest lands and urban infrastructure has replaced the green lands. Experts also suggest that citizens have played a huge role by using water resources carelessly.

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Turkey government and authorities have lately been coming up with conservation measures but it is not expected to help on a large scale. The government has been pushing people to conserve water but such measures will only be fruitful in saving a limited amount of water. Various other cities like Tokyo and Mexico have been facing similar situations, pointing towards a global water crisis which might take over any moment.

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