Israeli Jeweller Makes The World Most Expensive Face Mask

The jewel-studded mask costs around Rs.11 crore and is touted as the most expensive mask in the world by the Israeli jewellery company

Raghav N

August 13, 2020

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In these times of coronavirus, people have largely accepted mask-wearing as a mandatory part of their everyday lives. Now, a jewellery company from Israel is designing and producing the world’s most expensive face mask. Priced at around Rs 11 crore, the exquisite piece is studded with diamonds and gold. The jewellers are working on intricate details of the product.

The buyer of this mask is not known as yet, but if sources are to be believed, it belongs to a Chinese businessman from America.

The pandemic has given new business opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs across the globe. Unique ideas including immunity-boosting biscuits and corona warrior themed Ganesha miniatures have made their way to the market this year.

While in countries like the United States of America, the public has often ditched putting on face masks in the name of infringement of their rights, the importance of wearing the same has been stressed on, more than often by medical professionals around the world.

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