Islamic Nations Come Together Against France’s Stand On Islamist Separatism

Pakistan, Turkey, Kuwait and many other Muslim countries have criticised French President Emmanuel Macron for his general crackdown of Islamist-Separatism

Raghav N

October 27, 2020

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Islamic nations of the world are coming together against French President Emmanuel Macron’s attack on their religion. Following the brutal execution of French teacher Samuel Patty in Paris, the country’s government has taken it upon itself to combat radical Islamism. Patty was beheaded in broad daylight in an act of Islamic terrorism after the educator showed his students some cartoons of Prophet Mohammad earlier.

Calling the religion as one in crisis all over the world, Macron has invited the wrath of several leaders from Muslim nations. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran khan said it was unfortunate that the European nation’s president was targeting the religion rather than apprehending those who are perpetrating violence in the name of faith. He added that with his comments, the French leader hurt the emotions of the community globally.

Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also joined Pakistan in its protest against France’s narrowminded stance against Islam. Tayyib took a jibe at Macron by asking him to get mental checks. The Turkish leader further stated that his French counterpart had lost his way.

Many Muslim nations like Kuwait, Qatar, Algeria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia have called for the boycott of French products as a showcase of solidarity towards the minority community.

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