Ishq Subhan Allah: Will Kabir and Zara Finally Find Common Ground?

Zara and Kabir’s romantic drama is about to spin towards an end, will they end up together or stay separated forever?

Ankita Tiwari

September 28, 2020



3 min


Ishq Subhan Allah starring Eisha Singh and Adnan Khan started off with a lot of pomp post-COVID as the actress of the show returned to her character of Zara. Eisha had left the show last year due to personal commitments and had been replaced by Tunisha Sharma. Adnan and Eisha’s crackling chemistry was loved by the audience and now their story is spinning towards an end. As Zara and Kabir met again after years of Zara’s disappearance, love sparked again! Zara had gone missing and everyone thought her to be dead but she was living in a disguise. Rukhsar found her and proved her identity.

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But when Zara and Kabir were asked to remarry their differences cropped up again separating them and creating a distance between them. Rukhsar’s presence only added fuel to the fire. She further manipulated Kabir and Zara even called her husband ‘Na Mehram’. Kabir’s staunch religious beliefs and Zara’s faith in music created a rift between them.

Exclusive Stills From Ishq Subhan Allah

As Kabir’s religion does not allow music and it is thought of as provocative and wrong he asked Zara to not practice it. But Zara’s belief in music and its healing powers stood strong against Kabir’s religion. She argued with just points and Kabir and Zara stood at the opposite ends in front of the Sharia board!

Exclusive Stills From Ishq Subhan Allah

Will Kabir and Zara draw to a common ground? Well, as per the exclusive details from the channel, this pair of soulmates is going to stay together! Yes, Zara and Kabir will maturely try to sort out their differences.

Exclusive Stills From Ishq Subhan Allah

While Zara will continue with her musical healing, Kabir would continue to preach his religion! They would also be on the opposite ends and the members of the Sharia board.

Exclusive Stills From Ishq Subhan Allah

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