Ishq Subhan Allah: 10 Romantic Moments Of Our Favorite Couple Zara And Kabir

The romantic drama is drawing to an end but the crackling chemistry between Zara and Kabir would forever remain in our hearts.

Ankita Tiwari

October 4, 2020



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 Ishq Subhan Allah streaming on ZEE5 will air its last episode on Friday. As we bid adieu to the romantic drama, there are many memories that we would keep close to our hearts, and one of them is the crackling chemistry of Zara and Kabir. Eisha Singh and Adnan Khan essayed the roles of Zara and Kabir. The audience loved their chemistry and accepted the unordinary couple with their exceptional equation. If you are too a fan of #ZaBir then you must look at these 10 romantic moments of the couple.

Zara and Kabir’s journey began from their nok-jhok and their polar opposite thoughts. While Zara believed that her religion taught her humanity, Kabir believed in the stringent laws. As suggested by their family, Zara and Kabir married each other. But soon they fell in love. This video is from their first nok-jhok!

Zara and Kabir’s honeymoon saw them fighting and arguing but soon they came closer and shared a romantic moment.

After Zara and Kabir’s brief separation, Ayesha and Alina planned on their meet up at Mumbai. This is where they met again and breifly shared a close moment.

When Kabir tells Zara that she must not kill Jalali and accepts to become the Sheher Qazi, Zara is overjoyed and accepts his offer. She also finds herself feeling love for him.

Kabir held a birthday celebration for Asim and the party became a grand affair. Zara found herself getting closer to Kabir as they shared a loved up moment of togetherness.

Kabir tries to make up for Zara’s anger and he prepares a special dish for her. This melts Zara’s heart. Isn’t it romantic?

Kabir saves Zara from getting killed by Shahbaz and he also wins the heart of his ladylove. He helps her get back home and they share a moemnt of intimacy.

Kabir and Zara remarry in the latest episode and they renew their vows. Zara feels extremely happy as she is back with her soulmate.

If you miss Ishq Subhan Allah then you can stream it on ZEE5!

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