Is Joe Biden Good for India? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

US President Joe Biden has shown his support for India numerous times in his political career spanning four decades. Here’s everything to know about the times he showed support.

Vageesha Taluja

November 19, 2020

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In his political career spanning 40 years, US President Joe Biden has shown his support for India numerous times. When he was serving his term as the Vice President, Biden has worked on strengthening the relationship between India and the United States. Moreover, he has engaged with the Indian establishment. Here are things confirming that Joe Biden will be good for the country that you must check out right away. Read on:

Here’s everything to know on whether Joe Biden is good for India

In 2014, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to the United States after his win. According to a report by DNA, he had focussed mostly on meeting the then-US President Barack Obama. But Joe Biden had hosted a lunch for Modi, where John Kerry, the Secretary of State was also present. They spend some time together before the lunch talking about the possibility of India and the United States emerging out as strong partners. So, after the US President Joe Biden’s win, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will find a familiar face after the latter will take his oath in January 2021. Watch the video below to know more:

Moreover, Joe Biden has also supported India before 2014, which dates back to 1998. It was when the country conducted its nuclear tests. During that time, Joe Biden had issued a statement of support as a ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He said how they could not isolate a nation of India’s size, importance, as well as stature forever. Additionally, he expressed his interest in engaging with the country, while the rest of the US opposed to India’s nuclear aspirations.

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Later on, Joe Biden wrote to the former President George W Bush three years later. As a Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he called on his administration to lift the sanctions, which were earlier imposed on the country.

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