Indian Pro Music League: IPML Gives A Musical ‘ABCD’ Twist To Your Favourite Childhood Memory, Watch

Three singers from the Indian Pro Music League give a fun musical twist to our favourite childhood game.

Vatsal Thakore

January 29, 2021



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The Indian Pro Music League is soon going to start airing on ZEE5 and Zee TV. Set in the format of a sports premier league, IPML will be the first of its kind singing reality show. Just like in any sports league, IPML will also have six teams and captains for each team. The promos of the show have already been garnering a lot of attention and acclaim. Very recently, one of the released videos of the show showed us that even the promos are going to bring something unique like the format of the show. Read on to find out.

The promos of Indian Pro Music League, until now, have been featuring some big celebrities of India, including actors, musicians, and cricketers. Salman Khan has also joined the show’s promotional events. The show’s official Instagram page has also been sharing some cool details about the show and its captains. Very recently, the page posted a clip, which we could relate to our childhood memories.

Remember the game, ABCD (or also called, ‘Name, Place, Animal, Thing’)? In the game, we used to recite the alphabets in order, until someone stopped us, and with the letter, we would stop at, we would have to list out names of a person, a place, an animal and a thing. Similarly, the singers Dhruv Tailor, Shraddha Shree, and Vraj Kshatriya also played this game but with a musical twist.

The singers, when they stopped at the random alphabet, sang a Bollywood song that began with that letter. This also seems like a fun new way to begin your future antakshari game with, doesn’t it? Take a look!

All three of these singers have some beautiful vocals. Catch them and many other singers from all over the country, in the grand reality show Indian Pro Music League. The show will start streaming from February on Zee TV and ZEE5.

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IPML’s opening ceremony premieres on 26 February at 8 pm on ZeeTV and ZEE5.

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