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IPL 2021: Which Team Can Kundali Bhagya’s Karan Luthra Be A Part Of?

Shrudi Shyam

April 12, 2021

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Kundali Bhagya’s Karan Luthra would be an asset to any cricket team. Check out this story to find out which IPL team would be the best fit for him.

Kundali Bhagya‘s Karan Luthra (Dheeraj Dhoopar) has always been one of those brats that we can’t help but love. Whether it was in the initial days of the show where he was the arrogant cricketer, ‘The Karan Luthra’ as he likes to say, or even now when he gets annoyed with Preeta on the smallest of things, Karan always keeps his fans entertained. Although we haven’t gotten a lot of chances to see him play, Karan is one of the best cricketers in the country and definitely deserves a spot in the IPL 2021. But which team would he play for? Read on to find out.

Meanwhile, check out what’s happening on Kundali Bhagya:

The IPL season has started and all teams are gearing up to give their best fight to win the trophy of IPL 2021. With each team better than the other, we can’t help but wonder, which team would be the best fit for our favourite star cricketer, Karan Luthra. Will he perform better with the Mumbai Indians, would he enhance KKR’s powerplay, or will he be the one driving CSK to victory?

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Well, we think, Karan Luthra would be best suited for CSK aka Chennai Super Kings. Karan Luthra is an excellent cricketer and an outstanding batsman. Chennai Super Kings is one of the best IPL teams ever. So it’s no wonder that the two would be best suited for each other.

Karan Luthra IPL Team
Source: ZEE5 & Instagram

Lately, we’ve witnessed how a team that has won the title three times has been withering under pressure. IPL 2020 wasn’t a great year for CSK and we definitely don’t want the same fate for them in IPL 2021 as well. And that’s exactly why Karan Luthra should be a part of the team.

We’ve seen Karan’s batsmanship multiple times on the show and there’s no doubt about his hold on the sport. And who better to guide him than one of the country’s best cricketers. Karan’s excellent form, combined with the expert guidance from our captain cool, MS Dhoni, would ensure a dynamite performance from the team.

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Karan Luthra IPL Team
Source: Instagram

Karan Luthra is an aggressive player who always strives for victory. When on the ground, he gives his very best and is an excellent team player. These are indeed some qualities that make him a perfect fit for Chennai Super Kings. While RCB has Virat Kohli, CSK can have Karan Luthra. Moreover, yellow definitely seems to be his colour!

Karan Luthra IPL Team
Source: ZEE5

Well, that was our opinion on Karan Luthra joining an IPL team. Which team would you like Karan to join?

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