International Men’s Day 2019 Spl: 5 Onscreen Male Leads On Zee Kannada Who Can Take A Bow!

Playing the lead roles on shows like Gattimela and Jothe Jotheyali, give a big shout out to the dashing lads of Zee Kannada on International Men’s Day

Parinika Uchil

November 19, 2019

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A day to celebrate the masculine souls on this planet earth here’s wishing all of you a wonderful International Men’s Day 2019 on behalf of Zee Kannada. On this day every year, men all around the globe are celebrated with positive values that promote the importance of self-care and the well-being of a man, overall.

Today we will look at the 5 awesome men of our Zee Kannada Kutumba, who are nothing but role models for their fans.

1. Vedanth Vasishta from Gattimela

A Still Of Vedanth
Source: ZEE5

Actor Rakshit, who prefers being called Raksh, plays the role of Vedanth Vasishta on the hit show Gattimela. He tops this list only because of how much he has achieved single-handedly at such a young age. He heads the Vasishta group of industries, has recently added many women employees to his company (including the admin Amulya Manjunath) and he also does a lot of charity work by helping the needy without expecting anything in return. Can there be a better candidate to top the charts on International Men’s Day? I don’t think so.

2. Aarya Vardhan from Jothe Jotheyali

A Still Of The Scientist And Aaryavardhan
Source: ZEE5

Leading the TRP charts in the entire south Indian is the superhit show Jothe Jotheyali starring Aniruddha Jatkar and Megha Shetty as Aarya Vardhan and Anu Sirimane respectively. The uniqueness of this show comes from the fact that Aarya Vardhan, despite being in his 40s is a dashing and handsome man, who is humble in nature but at the same time can get vicious depending on the circumstances.

But why he is an amazing candidate for International Men’s Day is because of the utmost respect he has for women. Even his devious sister-in-law, who keeps throwing nasty taunts his way cannot get the better of him because of his humble nature.

3. Aditya Arasanekote from Paaru

Namma Aditya Wears A Dapper Gentleman Suit
Source: Facebook

Sharath Padmanabh, who is popularly known as Aditya Arasanekote, stands third in this list because he is a typical mamma’s boy and has helped his mother build their empire. On International Men’s Day let’s give kudos to this young lad, who doesn’t differentiate from the old and young, poor and rich.

4. Lakshman Narasimha from Bramhagantu

Lucky From Bharath Bopanna Will Make You Smile
Source: Instagram

Next on the list is Namma Lucky aka actor Bharath Bopanna. Two things about Lucky that you should know are that he has an overweight wife Geetha and although he had a problem with it before, now he has stepped up and has accepted her just the way she is. The second thing about this young lad is that he is a national level Kabaddi player, so naturally, he had brought a lot of pride to his family, thanks to his accolades.

5. Rishi Nanda from Kamali 

That Awkward Moment For Kamali When She Is Made To Sit On Rishi's Lap
Source: ZEE5

Finally, the teacher! Actor Niranjan aka Rishi Nanda from the show Kamali is the epitome of patience and good mental well-being. Why you may ask? Well, because he has patiently waited and pursued Kamali for the last two odd years and finally she has now opened up to him about her feelings too. He is a college professor by profession and teaches English and Literature to Kamali’s class. This can also be considered the most peaceful job because students are always thankful to Rishi for guiding them on the right path.

Not only are all these men handsome but it’s time that we give them credit for the roles they play in the lives of others. To wish your favourite actor a happy International Men’s Day, simply type in your comments in the box provided below.

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