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4 Interesting Themes Explored In Zee Kannada’s Vidya Vinayaka That Make It A Must-Watch


April 27, 2020

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Vidya Vinayaka has all the elements that make it worthy of being on top of your watch-list.

Zee Kannada’s Vidya Vinayaka directed by MN Jayanth and Santosh Koti is a story of two people—Vidya and Vinayaka—played Kavitha Gowda and Dileep Shetty respectively and a complicated love story that they indulge in. With starkly different personalities, they enter a relationship that eventually turns their life around.

Here are the 4 themes that the show explores:


Vidya is a girl who previously believed in marriage and a stable relationship while Vinayaka has watched his mother indulge in a toxic abusive relationship after which he loses faith in love. The story revolves around the emotion of love and the complexities involved in it.


As Vinayaka is independent and serious by nature, he is strictly against the institution of marriage. The series explores the theme of relationships through the bond he builds with Vidya as opposed to the one we see his mother having with his father.

Vidya Vinayaka
A still from the show


The show deals with a lot of drama which keeps its viewers on the edge of their seats to see how Vidya’s aura and personality make Vinayaka fall for her while he struggles with his past and his belief system that he has been so stubborn about. How their past comes in the way of their present also adds to the drama thereby making the show more interesting.


The theme of vengeance comes through Vinayaka’s conspiring aunt Prabhavati who is always coming in the way of his happiness. She also takes every opportunity to get rid of Vidya’s presence in the house and is constantly thinking of creating obstacles in their life.

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