Inspired by Sonu Sood, Hyderabad Swimmer Launches An Ambulance Service

Sonu Sood recently inaugurated the ambulance services in Hyderabad which has been started in his name by a young man named Shiva. Have a look at all the details here.

Sania Kader

January 24, 2021

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Inspired by Sonu Sood’s services towards society, various people have been extending a helping hand towards the people in need. One of the latest people to join the bandwagon has been Hyderabad- based swimmer, Shiva, who introduced an ambulance service in the city to help people receive help in time. Sonu Sood also attended the inauguration ceremony of the ambulance service and praised Shiva for taking up the huge step in helping the needy. Actor Sonu Sood had also announced his own ambulance service previously, and the piece of news had instantly taken the internet by storm. Many people also came out to help the actor when he had been helping migrant workers reach home during the first phase of the lockdown.

Here is a look at the ZEE5 video with details related to ambulance service launched by Shiva:

Sonu Sood has set an example for various people by going out of his way to help the people who have been heavily affected by the pandemic. According to the video attached above, a young man named Shiva recently got inspired by Sonu Sood and decided to launch an ambulance service by the actor’s name. The inauguration of the service was recently held in Hyderabad and plenty of people had gathered at the venue to get a glimpse of the actor.

Sonu Sood also spoke highly of Shiva and encouraged people to come out and help the ones who need help in such severe situations. He said, “I think this ambulance service will also save many lives and I think the pandemic has taught us so much. In emergencies, everyone has to come forward like a family and help others. I think people like Shiva inspire others and they inspire society. So let us work together to make this world a better place.”

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Sonu Sood carried out the Pooja at the ceremony and was also dearly welcomedSon by the people with flower garlands. He spoke about the love he had been receiving and said, “I feel privileged that I have come for this ambulance inauguration. All thanks to Shiva. He has been doing great work and we need more heroes like him, who should come forward and help the society. I am very honoured and thank you so much to everyone here that you gave me an opportunity to be a part of this. I feel incredible and thank you for everything. Everyone should come forward and do this.”

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