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Inspired By Mumbai Pune Mumbai, Do These Things In Pune While You Are There

Manjiri Shete

January 11, 2020

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Mumbai Pune Mumbai will help you form your travel guide through Mukta Barve’s character. Enjoy!

Each time an opportunity to travel tempts me with the new places to visit, I never deny. I believe, your priorities can wait when there are unexplored places speed-dialling at that moment. Fortunately, Satish Rajwade’s Mumbai Pune Mumbai on ZEE5 revived this lacking zeal in my otherwise monotonous life. Seeing Mukta Barve explore the streets of Pune with a stranger she has just met pushed me to know Pune better. As I have never been in the city, I went to my best friend, Google to find me the most coveted places in the city.

Ditch your priorities for awhile and watch Mumbai Pune Mumbai 

Here’s what my bestie came up with!

1. Saras Baug

While you are strolling in the city, don’t forget to drop by this place and appreciate the old age architecture it boasts. Post which, you can enjoy the famous Bhel from here as vouched to us by Mumbai Pune Mumbai.

2. Shaniwaar Wada 

If Mumbai has VT station, the remnant of Indian history then Pune has Shaniwar Wada. The walls of this palace still sing the triumphs of Peshwa Empire. It was built back in 1732, where Bajirao I first sat on the throne (Sorry, Khaleesi and Jon Snow).

3. Kelkar Museum 


This museum is a tribute to Raja Dinkar Kelkar by his father Dr Dinkar Kelkar. The (approximately 20,000) artefacts made of ivory and gold date back to the 14th century. Who needs time travel when you can visit museums, right? This place will take you back to the era your mind craves.

4. Tulsi Baug 

After dipping in history, don’t forget to shop (till you drop), followed by indulging in the Bedekar misal. Obviously, is their anyone who can deny the aroma of a scrumptious misal? #FoodIsBae

I understand you will be tired while slipping into a food coma after the overdose. Now, it’s time to wrap up your trip on a happy ending, that is, by adding Shrewsbury biscuits and Chitale products to your cart! Like, Swapnil Joshi in Mumbai Pune Mumbai said, Chitale is indeed an unmissable hotspot of Pune.

So after reading this, are you ready to pack your bags? We would love to know.

If you loved Mumbai Pune Mumbai, check out the sequel streaming on ZEE5.

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