Insider Vs Outsider Debate: Does Bollywood Need To Change Its Ways?

A number of celebrities have come forward to speak about the nepotism debate in the Hindi film industry

Raghav N

July 29, 2020

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The death of Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput triggered a string of debates on the insider vs outsider debate, with actress Kangana Ranaut leading the baton against the nepotism camps of the Indian film industry.

Speaking to the India Today Television, actress Tapsee Pannu responded to Ranaut who called her a B-grade actress. According to the former, Rajput’s demise for personal vendetta is wrong and if at all Ranaut feels the late actor had been wronged by the industry, she should ask for a proper investigation.

Pannu also found it ironic that the Panga actress is supposedly supporting outsiders but doing so by pulling down outsiders like her. She further said that the current situation paints a very grim picture of the industry for potential new talents.

Talking about nepotism, the Pink actress said she has been replaced in films by star kids. She, however, feels coexistence is the best option for everyone to thrive. Claiming that she has never been approached by the so-called movie mafia, she said she doesn’t seek their validation either.

Calling herself an optimist, Pannu said she will do her bit to create a positive environment in the industry.

Others including actor Farhan Akhtar and actress Richa Chadha have also spoken about the ongoing debate.

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