Iniya Iru Malargal: As Ranbir Stands Up For Prachi Despite All Odds Stacked Against Her, Here’s Why The Man Deserves More Respect

Iniya Iru Malargal’s Ranbir and Prachi might fight with each other always, but here’s why we respect him a little more now.

Bhavna Gandikota

March 3, 2021



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Prachi and Ranbir from Iniya Iru Malargal are one of the most interesting couples. They are almost always fighting but are also always there for each other. A recent example for this was when Alia and Rhea were assassinating Prachi’s character in front of the whole house for what was happening in the guest room. Ranbir went on to win all our hearts when he stood up for Prachi.

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Ranbir and Prachi are almost always after each other like cat and mouse, but despite having a frenemy in her, he chose to stand with her in front of everyone. He told Rhea and Prachi that was terrible for them to humiliate her that way. He did not think of all the times that Prachi fought with him, or all the rude things she might have told him.

He chose to respect her decisions and supported her, and would support her even if she was really with Sanju. He came across as a thorough gentleman who didn’t judge people for their choices. He said that it was not Rhea’s place to judge Prachi and we completely agree.

He could have easily gotten away with not saying a thing like everyone else in the party, but he decided to support her when most people were against her. This was by far the sweetest thing he did for her, and we love him for it!

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We certainly need more men like him who speak up whenever someone’s character is being picked on, especially in a world where women are judged very easily, without knowing what the truth is.

Ranbir did the right thing by standing with Prachi and we love him so much more now!

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