Iniya Iru Malargal: Alia’s Craziness Has No Limits And We Got Proof!

These are five times, Iniya Iru Malargal’s Alia went beyond her limits to prove she won’t stop at anything.

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April 15, 2021


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Iniya Iru Malargal‘s Alia is one of the craziest vamps you could ever meet on screen. From trying to steal from her brother to conspiring against innocent people to get hitched with Purab, there is no limit to her ‘being Crazy’. Here are five times we did not think she would go as far as she did!

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1) When she conspires with Raj to steal Abhi’s money

When Alia was filled with anger towards Abhi and wanted to destroy him, she conspired with Raj to make Abhi financially weak as she stole all of his money and planned to fiddle with all of his investments. Raj managed to steal 3 Crores from Abhi’s account and she had no feeling of remorse.

2) When Alia hires a killer to kill Pragya 

Not too long after Pragya recovered from an accident, and came back to their lives, Alia went all the way to Delhi to hire an assassin to kill Pragya. Vijay, the hired assassin, ends up harming Bulbul instead of Pragya, and even that makes Alia happy because she was closer to snatching Abhi’s peace.

3) When she created misunderstandings between Purab and Disha 

Alia wanted to get married to Purab since we have known her. However, Purab ended up falling for Bulbul first and then Disha and married them instead. Instead of doing the healthy thing of moving on, she waits for almost a decade and creates a misunderstanding between Disha and Purab so she can marry him.

Alia and Purab in Iniya Iru Malargal
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4) When Alia spills oil to kill Pragya 

There is nothing that Alia hasn’t done to kill Pragya! From hiring an assassin to using whatever is close to her, she has tried desperate ways to get rid of Pragya. One of these ways was when she spilt oil on the stairs so that Pragya could fall down. However, Tanu ended up being the victim of this.

5) When she crashed into Disha with her car

When she saw that there was a possibility that Purab would get back with Disha, she ended up crashing Disha with her car, and this severely injured Disha. She ended up in the hospital, but to her dismay, Purab visited Disha in the hospital and got closer to her.

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