Indo-China Border: Were Pakistani Soldiers Really Dancing With Chinese Troops?

A viral video shows troops from both countries dancing merrily at an army post.

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July 6, 2020

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A video has emerged that shows Pakistani soldiers dancing with Chinese soldiers at the Indo-China border. On social media, claims are being made that Imran Khan’s Pakistan had sent Pakistani soldiers over to Galwan to help out the Chinese soldiers carry out the operation that resulted in the loss of lives of 20 Indian soldiers. We tried to do a fact check on this video. A reverse image search of one of the frames from the video took us to the same video, uploaded to YouTube on November 19, 2018. The description of the video states that it has been shot at the Khunjerab Pass near Gilgit–Baltistan’s Hunza.

This region falls along the border of China and Pakistan, and not India, as many on social media are claiming. And it’s at this location that the soldiers from both the countries seem to be dancing. On June 15, soldiers from China and India had engaged in a clash along the Galwan valley, which has caused a lot of tension in the country over the past few weeks.  Sources have told us today that after days of negotiations, the Chinese have finally moved back from their posts in the Galwan valley by 1.5 kilometres.

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