India’s Covid-19 Cases Inch Towards 95 Lakhs, 31,118 Fresh Infections In 24 Hours

India’s Corona cases now stand at 94,62,809 infections, wile the country recorded more than 31,000 fresh infections in a single day yesterday

Raghav N

December 1, 2020

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India’s Coronavirus cases are inching close to the 95-lakh mark with a total of 94,62,809 infections till Tuesday. The country recorded 31,118 new cases and 482 deaths in the last 24 hours. While Delhi led the casualty toll at 108, Maharashtra followed with 80 deaths. The recovery rate however stands steady at close to 94% with 88,89,585 patients who successfully fought the health crisis. The total death toll in India stands at 1,37,621 according to the health ministry’s data. 4,35,603 people are still positive and under treatment.

Though Delhi’s new infections dropped down considerably this week in comparison to the last week, the city logged in 108 fatalities on Monday, way higher than the 68 it reported on Sunday. This was also the first time in the last 6 days that the capital crossed more than 100 deaths in a single day.

Karnataka on the other hand registered less than 1,000 new cases on Monday, with 13 people succumbing to the contagion.

Meanwhile, in its bid to facilitate increased testing, the Delhi and Gujarat governments set the price of the RT-PCR test at an economical cost of 800 rupees.

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