India’s Child Activist Ridhima Pandey Becomes One Of BBC’s Top 100 Influential Women

Ridhima Pandey, a child activist from India has made it to BBC’s top 100 influential women by her actions against the government.

Isha Khatu

November 30, 2020

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Global Warming and climate change have adversely affected the entire world. Many young activists are now trying to reach out to the government and the public to spread awareness to curb pollution. One such young activist is Ridhima Pandey from Uttarakhand in India. She is one of the youngest activists in India to campaigns for action against climate change. Ridhima recently made it to BBC’s Topmost influential women’s list recently.

Ridhima Pandey in BBC’s top 100 influential women list

Ridhima Pandey is originally from Uttarakhand in India which is one of the most affected areas in the country. She and her family have been affected by some severe weather changes in the state for the past 10 years such as floods and landslides. At the age of 9, she filed a suit against the government of India for not taking significant steps against climate change. According to the 13-year-old activist, the Government has been ignorant of climate change. 

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Ridhima said that this is very important to her because there are many people who are adversely affected by the situation. She added that she took this issue to the government because “the government is not fulfilling the requirements needed to curb the pollution. Since they did not give her justice, she decided to take this matter globally as the global leaders wouldn’t ignore young activists like her. She was amongst the 15 teenage activists who petitioned the United Nations on environmental issues plaguing the world.

Ridhima shares,” I don’t think anybody from the older generation must have seen the interviews of Greta Thunberg and other activists. And even if they have watched it they ignore them and live their lives again.” She added that she has been ignored by many people who behave like nothing serious is happening around them which makes her angry. She said that people ask her not to worry about this issue and the government will take care of it. She shared,” We can’t just sit calmly at home and let the government do nothing about it. We also have to do something to stop this.”

Ridhima is also called at the Greta Thunberg of India. She was one of the activists who were involved in “Save Thano” forest movements. She was against cutting 10,000 trees to expand the Dehradun airport. She is currently participating in many international conferences. She empowers many students who fight for the biodiversity of the world. She wishes to save the future of the coming generation.

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