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India’s Best Dancer 2: Malaika Arora Shares The Moment When A Fan Touched Her Cheeks And Said That She Felt A Bit Scared


October 10, 2021

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Malaika Arora stole the show with her entry in the next season of India’s Best Dancer and also shared how the moment of a fan touching her cheeks made her feel scared and touched at the same moment considering the covid times

Malaika Arora made a striking entry as the trio of Malaika Arora, Terrence Lewis, and Geeta Kapur enter the second season of the hunt for ‘India’s Best Dancer’. While it was a joyous start to the event, there was a moment where a fan touched Malaika’s cheeks and this is how she felt. Her emotions are certainly relatable

Malaika accepted that Yes, she was a bit frightened because these are COVID times. He suddenly came near Malaika and started touching her cheeks. She got really scared for a second. He was doing it with a lot of love and Malaika felt very, very touched and very happy. But yes, she was a bit scared for that second. She was thinking if his hand was sanitised.

Terence Lewis also commented about the dancers and said that Every time he sees them, he says ‘wow’. Geeta Kapur added that It is very rare because Malaika is such a big personality, who will go and directly touch her cheeks? Even the judges don’t have such courage, he actually had the guts to do it, Geeta thinks that was very sweet.



The first season soared high on success and the fans were highly demanding for the next season. Without wasting much time the hunt has begun to find the #BestKaNextAvatar
The new season of the show will premiere from October 16, 2021. The show is hosted by Manish Paul who is incredibly good at the job. The judges seat is taken by Terence Lewis, Geeta Kapur, and Malaika Arora.

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Malaika also spoke about the next season of the show and said that Each time that she feels she has seen it all when it comes to dancing, shows like India’s Best Dancer prove her wrong! What we have seen so far in terms of the participants is simply mind-blowing and Malaika is glad to be associated with the show. It certainly makes her job difficult as a judge, but it’s a learning experience for her to witness such passionate dancers and be a small part of their journey. Geeta, Terence, and Malaika share a great bond and it’s always a pleasure to share the panel with them. Together, the three of them will scrutinize the talent basis our areas of expertise and find #BestKaNextAvtar this season.

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