Indian-Origin New Zealand MP Takes Oath in Sanskrit Language to Pay Homage

Dr Gaurav Sharma of New Zealand takes oath as an MP in the Sanskrit language to honour different languages of India. Have a look at the details here. Read.

Sania Kader

November 26, 2020

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One of New Zealand’s youngest MPs, Dr Gaurav Sharma, recently stole the spotlight by speaking in the Sanskrit language during the swearing-in ceremony. The young politician was seen taking his oath in two different languages, leaving the people impressed with his inclusive outlook. The Indian doctor initially took the pledge in Te Reo language, which is a traditional language in New Zealand, which was followed by the Sanskrit version. When asked about his unique and exquisite choice of language, the Labour Party member stated that his motive was to pay homage to all Indian languages including his mother tongue Pahari, Punjabi, and Hindi.

Have a look at the ZEE5 video with all details related to Dr Gaurav Sharma’s swearing-in ceremony:

The newly elected Member of Parliament, Dr Gaurav Sharma of the Labour Party, decided to take his swearing-in oath in the Sanskrit language, taking the audience by surprise. During the ceremony, the young man was seen speaking into the mic in two different languages- Te Reo and Sanskrit. The decision was highly appreciated by the people as he aimed at honouring the Indian language, re-sketching his Indian origins.

Dr Gaurav Sharma was elected from Hamilton West in New Zealand, making him one of the youngest MPs in the country. According to him, he is the second Indian-origin man in the world to take up the parliamentary oath in the Sanskrit language. Previously, Suriname president, Chandrikapersad Santhokhi, also known by the name Chan, had taken his oath in Sanskrit in mid-2020. In October 2020, a Congress MLA named Shakeel Ahmad Khan had taken his oath in the Sanskrit language during the swearing-in ceremony for the state legislative assembly in Bihar. He was also highly praised for his subtle messaging and for honouring Sankrit language which seems to be slowly losing its base in India.

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After the ceremony, Dr Gaurav Sharma was asked on Twitter why he decided to opt for the Sanskrit language when he could have taken the oath in Hindi. He said that he thought of it initially but then he also wanted to take it in Pahari or Punjabi as both the languages are close to his culture. In the end, he decided to go for Sanskrit to pay homage to all Indian languages including the ones that he doesn’t speak. Have a look at the tweet.

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