India Will Never Forget Sacrifices Made To Preserve Democracy: PM Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi reacted on the 45th anniversary of the nationwide Emergency that was declared by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on June 25, 1975.

Jessica David

June 25, 2020

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On the completion of 45 years of imposition of Emergency in India by the former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s Congress-led government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Thursday (June 25), said that India remembers those who made supreme sacrifices to preserve democracy during the emergency days. In a tweet in Hindi, PM Modi said, “45 years ago, on this day, India was put under the Emergency rule. Those who fought and struggled for democracy in India, and faced torture, I pay my deepest respects to them. India will never forget their sacrifices.”

Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had imposed Emergency on June 25, 1975, and it continued till March 21, 1977. Along with the tweet, Narendra Modi posted a two-minute-long video, in which he talked about how the countrymen had united to fight against the Emergency rule in 1975 to safeguard India’s democracy. He said, “When Emergency was imposed, its opposition was not restricted to the political class alone but filled everyone with resentment. People were in anguish to get back the lost democracy. Those who get two square meals easily do not realise the pain of hunger.”

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